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Information for patients and other service users.

Due to exceptionally high levels of demand being experienced by the practice and increased abuse of staff, we wish to advise of the following: 

Our appointments system is set up so that at 8:30am each morning appointments will open up (and be able to be booked) for the next working day or a week ahead or up to 4 weeks ahead.  The majority open up for the next working day. 

Phoning us at 8:30am is the best way of securing one of these appointments.  That said, we have opened up our online appointment booking again and once registered for online services, if you aren’t already, bookable appointments for the doctors will show as and when they become available.  We hope this helps take pressure off the phone lines so those patients with urgent needs will be more likely to get through. 

Patients stating they need to speak to someone urgently or need seen urgently, that day require to provide a brief reason when contacting staff.  Our staff are highly trained and work under the direction of the doctors.  As such they may after taking the reason for your call, direct you to another service, such as an optician or pharmacy, etc.  If your GP practice is the right service, they will take your details and telephone number and place you on the triage list that day. 

The triage list team for a day is managed and covered by both the duty doctor of the day and one of our practice nursing team.  They as clinicians will make the decision who picks up on each request and phones you back.   

Triage is for urgent cases that cannot wait and should not be used to order medication or for something that should be booked as a routine appointment.  As part of our review of demand, any persistent misuse of triage will result in us writing to the patient to explain our appointments system and if the misuse persists we will have to consider the patient’s removal from the practice list. 

Requests for House Visits are also put in our triage list for the doctor to review and make a decision of whether a house visit is clinically required.  House Visits are made after the morning surgeries and as such all requests from patients or nursing homes should be made before 11:00am each day or we cannot guarantee that we will be able to visit that day. 

If you are asked to hand a sample in this should always be handed in before 11:30am on any given day. The same applies to nursing and residential homes. Samples that have not been requested by the practice will not be tested by dip stick or sent to the laboratory.

Medication should be ordered through our prescription line.  Please press 1 when phoning to access this service.  Regular repeat prescriptions take two working days to process.  Medications not on your repeat list may take up to three working days.  Prescriptions are then collected by the pharmacy you have designated and they can advise how much time they require to have this made up and ready for you.

Medication should always be ordered a week in advance of needing it to ensure you do not run out.  If you do find you run out of medication which is on your repeat list your first port of call should be the pharmacy who you regularly use as they are able to issue a short supply.

When booking a routine appointment by phone staff will only be able to book you in with the doctors that have available appointments to book at any given time.  We know this means you may not be able to see the doctor of your choice, however this is no longer something which we can guarantee. Please be respectful of this and of our staff when booking appointments. 

We continue to do our best for all our patients with the levels of demand and resources that we have available. 

Thank you for your understanding and continued cooperation.

Braidcraft Medical Centre

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